the art + writing of melissa sullivan


Down by the Styx, the boundary between, we listen to the owl's call, and watch patiently the pale light of the waning moon.

Melissa Sullivan is a hedge-wandering art witch born and raised in Los Angeles, California. As a self-taught artist and poet, her work explores spirit, memory, the transient nature of existence, and what remains in the wake of decay. Synthesizing various mediums to bring her visions to life, she utilizes raw edges and imperfections to reflect the fragility of all matter.

When not working, she enjoys spending time with her daughter, watching old sitcoms and horror movies, divination, and reading cozy mysteries.

Haunting the edges of the Los Angeles art scene since 2007, Melissa’s work has been featured in exhibitions across the city. Additionally, she was the co-owner and curator of the Land of Odd Gallery from 2009-2012. Melissa’s writings have been featured in publications including The COVID Verses from Paddler Press and LOST FUTURES from EXIT Press.

Find Melissa online at Instagram, Threads, and Tumblr.

published work

  • LOST FUTURES (September 2022)
    volume 4: thresholds
    Edited by Kieran Cutting
  • COVID Verses (2022)
    Paddler Press
  • LOST FUTURES (March 2021)
    volume 2: still life
    Edited by Kieran Cutting

shows & exhibitions

  • The Arroyo Arts Collective presents Remembrance 2023
    October 27th–October 29th 2023
    A Blank White Box, Highland Park, CA
  • Art Night at the Rocket 88
    September 30, 2023
    The Rocket 88, Los Angeles, CA
  • Dia De Los Muertos and Circus Sideshow Show
    October 2010
    The Land of Odd Gallery, Eagle Rock, CA
  • Sullivan's Super Fantastic Ish Factory
    July 2010
    The Land of Odd Gallery, Eagle Rock, CA
  • BOWL-O-NUTS: The Best Group Show Ever
    March 13th-April 3rd 2010
    Artillery & Ammo Gallery, Echo Park, CA
  • 5x7" Group Show
    March 13th 2010
    The Land of Odd Gallery, Eagle Rock, CA
  • $100 and Under Show
    February 13th 2010
    The Land of Odd Gallery, Eagle Rock, CA
  • Free as a Bird
    January 2010
    Cactus Gallery, Eagle Rock, CA